Album release "Muses"

 Friday, February 5, 2021

Recorded during the summer of 2020, “Muses”, Karen Lano‘s second album brings together ten compositions by Karen Lano (vocals) and Olivier Legall (guitars, keyboards, backing vocals) accompanied by Marie Lesnik (violins, backing vocals) and Thomas Chalindar (drums, percussion ).

Muses immerses us in a poetic universe where Karen cultivates the inner journey and the atmosphere of the tales.

Soft, powerful music, imbued with mysticism and distant landscapes. A voice that navigates between intimate velvet and lyrical flights.

It is this energy of life and mystique of the compositions of Muses that is captured by a live recording in Normandy in the small church of Graveron-Sémerville.

Reclusive for several days, Karen and her entire team played to the rhythm of the Angelus, amid stained glass windows and icons. There is like a surge of sacred music, always linked to Life.

She talks to us about dreams, legends, about us. Through her music paintings, Karen Lano marks shadow and light, the beauty of the Renaissance, integral parts of nature and our humanity.

She has surrounded herself with a team whose each member underlines this artistic requirement, this sense of purity to which she aspires.

It is also for this reason that the production was entrusted to the folk duo Facteurs Chevaux composed of Fabien Guidollet & Sammy Decoster, in collaboration with sound engineer Jean-Baptiste Brunhes (Emily Loizeau, Bertrand Belin, Arthur H… ).

The four performers recorded the compositions live in order to interact with the spirit of the place.

The sound recordings are impregnated by the reverberation of this church chosen for its acoustic qualities and its exceptional aura.

This aesthetic choice marks the singularity of this album.